TA in Tasmania

Some of the band returned to Tasmania for February to rest, rejuvenate and visit friends. Was super cool to play music with many of Joe’s local friends whom have been playing the catalog as long as the stateside folks. Also great to see what the Hobart music scene is up to. The number of pubs to people ratio and lack of TVs pumping sports news was great. Some excellent outdoor venues as well. Certainly places for musicians to showcase their craft. Now the press to finish some new material is underway! Hopefully we can ride out the last of the bleak New England weather while completing some new music to share. Best, TAs

Upcoming video release -

In the dark corners of back rooms of damp houses on forgotten streets – hushed voices are discussing the possible release of some video capturing the Tassie Angels performing in Davis Square. With a great deal of support from family and friends, against almost insurmountable logistics including hellish gridlock, exorbitant municipal fines, thousands of feet of xlr chords, but some beer and optimism – the band finally made it on stage in June of 2018. What was captured – was recorded by Jean Dunoyer and James Saulsky. Editing was done by James Dunoyer. Tassie Angels are grateful for their efforts. For the band - the weight of assessing the performance could crush a fragile state and torment the mind. For everyone else, there is hope it will be a few minutes of enjoyment with some brief confusion followed by feelings common with drinking cold beer and swimming at night.

the Solstice Party is Here

Chain saw repair and tree dropping should begin early. Tassie Angels expected to take the stage at sun down. There is a anticipated POD cast mid day for the Brooklin ME Song Writers Guild Blue Ribbon Panel research and analysis project for the composition "House of Cards" as it turns 38. Interviews will be part of the upcoming short series "House of Cards" the Song that Changed Everything (a little bit). A deep dive of the chordal structure and tone choice as well as a in depth look at the story behind the lyrics as they relate to the geopolitical environment during 1980 as well as suburban Massachusetts lore will be presented. Finally the piece will try to put to rest the controversy surrounding the third verse. 

Tassie Angels Play the Barn

The Tassie Angels performed at the Barn in Woods Hole Saturday playing two long sets featuring Joe Adelstein's material and R&B favorites. A large crowd had assembled after a welcome home cookout earlier in the day. Folks danced and partied into the night - it was a festive atmosphere! James and Kayla provided some additional entertainment between Tassie sets with a vocal / ukulele presentation of their own material which was well received. No injuries or arrests were reported. Success!

Joe Adelstein Returns

Joe and Family's return from Tasmania was celebrated with what would be the debut of the Tassie Angels at the Barn in Woods Hole, MA. A large crowd gathered for a early cookout and then danced into the night with that distinctive sound delivered by Joe and his collection of friends playing now local classics.  Everyone who attended got to witness the beginning of the latest chapter in this group's nearly 30 years of collaboration. And so it begins ........... again!