Upcoming video release -

In the dark corners of back rooms of damp houses on forgotten streets – hushed voices are discussing the possible release of some video capturing the Tassie Angels performing in Davis Square. With a great deal of support from family and friends, against almost insurmountable logistics including hellish gridlock, exorbitant municipal fines, thousands of feet of xlr chords, but some beer and optimism – the band finally made it on stage in June of 2018. What was captured – was recorded by Jean Dunoyer and James Saulsky. Editing was done by James Dunoyer. Tassie Angels are grateful for their efforts. For the band - the weight of assessing the performance could crush a fragile state and torment the mind. For everyone else, there is hope it will be a few minutes of enjoyment with some brief confusion followed by feelings common with drinking cold beer and swimming at night.